O.group s.r.l.

Consulting and management for company and business

Knowledge from experience

Strategic solutions for companies

A lot of consultants come from universities or institutes which focused on theory giving little to no attention to the actual needs of a company.

We go the other way around
We think Knowledge comes from the know-how, from getting your hand on what actually happens every day in SME.

With this premise we created our own approach and we named it MOPP. It is our working method.





The most effective business managing methods for your SME

With this method you can:

Apply strategic and effective solutions

Build a profitable work method

Discover new market possibilities

Face generational shifts successfully

Project your company towards the future

Take over foreign markets with credibility

We are your guide to results

Advantage for your company

  • Better and tangible results
  • Continuation of the company history
  • Profits increase
  • Process improvement
  • Increase of the company credibility
  • Opening towards new markets
  • A new perception of your company

Advantages for your employees (and your company as well)

  • Less work-related stress
  • Increase of individual performance
  • Increase of team performance
  • Better quality of the provided work
  • Less absence from work
  • Increase of your team well-being

Your journey to the future starts from here

Who chose us

Here below are the names of some of our customers.
We don’t show them to let you know how good we are. We do this to make you understand that, like you, many small and medium-sized enterprises from Lombardy and Veneto have chosen us.

They have chosen to look to the future and move on.