Generational handover

Cohabitation and role transition in family-run businesses

From father to son, from generation to generation: when the time comes to take this decisive step for your business we are there with you.

Because the generational handover marks a new chapter.

We write it with you.

Generational handover: never put an end to your company's history

It’s inevitable: sooner or later the family business will have to live with the new generation and, subsequently, make the dreaded, but also long-awaited, passing of the baton. These two moments can be great opportunities for growth, but they can also mean the end of the business due to generational clashes given by two different thoughts.

In fact, only 30 percent of businesses survive the second generation, and of these a further 50 percent close by the third generation.

Angelo Cittadini - Business Consultant

Consultant for family businesses and SMEs – Certified Public Accountant – Auditor

The O.Group team will guide you through the new business set-up, generation after generation

Cohabitation and generational transition can best be approached through 5 steps. Together with you:

  • We analyze company and management skills
  • We identify a suitable strategy for all people involved
  • We design all stages of the generational transition
  • We accompany the company along the entire journey
  • We provide feedback and changes to be made


Shared values to write a new chapter in your company history

Sharing company values, but also family values; respecting tradition, but not afraid to innovate; treasuring experience, always investing in new skills. When we talk about generational transition, we do not make it a simple legal issue only. In fact we will bring all our expertise by intervening on:

Planning, succession, evolution

To make the best of the generational handover, we have implemented a planning and succession process that involves:

Times change, values remain, and your company can begin a new chapter in its history: the new generation will be ready.