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Corporate sustainability consultants

From analysis to the communication of the project implementation, we follow you every step of your sustainability journey

Contact us and make your company sustainable

Contact us and make your business sustainable

Why invest in sustainability?

Sustainability. For us at O.Group, this is more than just a word, it is a path to achieve a bigger goal: a greener future.


But sustainability is more than that. It is a strategic asset and a choice to embrace to grow your business. And as of January 2026, it will also be a mandatory path for SMEs and listed companies to submit their own Sustainability Report.

Investing today is the most logical answer. Why? Because you will gain a competitive advantage. Because you will relaunch your image. Because you will be able to take advantage of available incentives and benefits. Because the future does not wait.

Why you should do it with O.Group.

Our multidisciplinary experience allows us to guide you through the world of Corporate Sustainability. This expertise translates into a comprehensive journey that guides companies to redefine their environmental, social, and ESG governance performance. Dedicated investment advice and a training plan that engages employees and managers in a conscious, high-value business journey.

Our network of partner companies also allows us to be your only partner: you won’t have to worry about searching for resources to set your project in motion, thus saving you time and energy.

We offer you:

The stages of our sustainability journey

We train

managers and employees will be involved in the process to maximise the result

We analyse

through dialogue with all stakeholders in the company

We organise

the steps to be taken in chronological order

We measure

KPIs and monitor the most relevant indicators

We collect

useful data to draw up the sustainability report

We proceed

with a final report useful for your stakeholders

We communicate

your sustainability journey on all corporate tools

Start path

A solution for SMEs that want to start on this path with a limited commitment and budget.

What it includes:

Analysis > evaluation > measurement > reporting > construction of sustainability report (optional) > communication

Advaced path

A complete, high-value solution that also includes the recovery of funds from available financial benefits and incentives.

What it includes:

Analysis > evaluation > budget construction (also with fundraising) > work plan > sustainability report > operations > communication

How it works:

The Sustainability Report? It's easier with us.

With O.Group you have a team of dedicated specialists who will guide you through the drafting of a crucial document for your stakeholders.


Analysis and work plan


Materiality and double materiality analysis


Data and information gathering


Sustainability Report development