Office and workspace design

Architectural consulting for businesses.

Corporate well-being also passes through your company’s office and common areas. That’s why we design your workspaces considering three basic pillars: aesthetics, functionality and sustainability.

For 30 years we have been imagining spaces to build well-being

Person-friendly workspaces and serene, functional environments are the building blocks of corporate well-being. With our architectural consulting experience we shape new spaces for new needs: yours.

Shapes, materials, lights, colors: the harmony of the environments we design mirrors corporate values. An environment that is pleasant and functional in all respects and that focuses attention on an element that is fundamental today, sustainability.

From certified and recycled materials to natural lighting and air quality through the choice of plants and green walls: a truly green work environment that will be a plus for both your company and your employees and for nature.

Workplaces often need to:

  • Make better use of available space
  • Increase work surfaces
  • Optimize the production chain
  • Increase workplace safety
  • Relaunch corporate image

Laura Furlan - Architect

Design – Building renovation – Restoration – Conservation

Why invest in better work spaces?

Because the well-being of your employees and partners is influenced by the environment in which they spend the most time: the office.

By investing in building, you will achieve:

  • More functional spaces
  • Perfecting the production chain
  • Better quality of life inside the company
  • Better interpersonal and work relations
  • Increased work performance
  • Reduced turnover

The goal is a stimulating environment where the mind can work peacefully. And where results can grow.

From small makeovers to complete renovations. Brick by brick, you will have one single professional partner who will take care of:

  • Construction and renovation
  • Conservation and renovation work
  • Color and color component design
  • Recovery and redevelopment projects and urban plans
  • Maintenance and redevelopment


Find out how to make your business unique, with functionality and beauty.