Facilitated finance

The best solutions for your SME

Calls for bids, benefits, non-repayable contributions, vouchers: these are just some of the subsidized financing tools that the European Union, State or Region offer to SMEs to boost their growth. But we know that untangling the bureaucratic web is not easy: that’s why O.Group is at your disposal with a clear solution.

Don't get stuck in red tape: let's find the right solution for your SME. Take advantage of the right subsidized financing and get your business off the ground.

Receive the benefits and contributions available for you

The world of finance is full of opportunities that can help SMEs to:

  • intervene in specific fields to be increasingly competitive
  • hire competent staff
  • invest consciously in sustainability and digitization
  • stay current through specific training


However, untangling a bureaucratic bundle can be a difficult and frustrating journey. That’s why we’re here.

Our team of consultants will:

  • identify the right proposals for your SME
  • gather the data and documentation you need to apply for the benefit
  • carry out the bureaucratic part for you