Mergers & Acquisitions: extraordinary transactions for an extraordinary future

Acquisition and merger operations for SMEs

We help you deal with all the extraordinary transactions your SME is experiencing. Together we will plan your company’s future so that all stakeholders in your SME can experience the changes with no worries.

Merger and acquisition: the benefits of change

Companies change every day. They change because the market evolves, because acquiring new skills is the key to lasting success. M&A is the answer to these needs, enabling the SME to:

  • integrate related sectors thus growing by horizontal lines
  • integrate intermediate stages of production by expanding vertically
  • acquire companies or parts thereof to accelerate their development
  • acquire new market shares
  • acquire new skills or technologies
  • diversify its range of products or services

Make your company's future extraordinary. Let's start this journey together

Overcoming obstacles, multiplying success

Two or more different realities united to be more competitive in the market: a force that, if guided with awareness and preparation leads to great results.

However, the aspects to consider when merging two companies are many including:

  • Different corporate structures;
  • New rules of administration;
  • The adoption of a shared culture;
  • The preparation of established procedures and means;


At this highly complex time, O.Group will be by your side with a method that ensures a comprehensive vision and synergy among all the parties involved. Not only will we check the feasibility of extraordinary operations, but we will also take care of all the fiscal, legal, and legal aspects that a complex strategy like M&A entails.