Consultancy for healthcare companies

Social health and welfare sector

Marco Fiini – Senior Management Consultant

Temporary manager in Administration, Finance and Managment control; Head Office and HR.

The health and care field is often subject to quick market changes and companies need to deal with:

Inefficient intervention methods

High operational costs

Low reactivity

Not professionally managed

Outdated technology

In some cases, low financial capitalization

Intervention areas

Strategic consulting and management support
Management control
Process reconstruction
Health Temporary management
Fractional Management
Business development

Additional services

Administrative audit
Management processes optimization
Administrative consulting to get the working authorisation
Accreditation procedure consulting
Consulting for the opening, organisation, and management of a nursing home
Operative consulting and HR management organisation
Operational management
Finance and resource consulting
Building analisys
Building transformation projects evaluation
Risk management

The working team is composed of:

Private and public facilities manager

Tertiary sector project manager

Foundations board members

HR and Administration manager

Board members’ advisors

Education and safety professionals.

Take good care of your company