Internationalisation for SME

Strategic consulting for expansion on foreign markets

Veit Romeo – Senior Marketing & Export Manager

Strategic consultant for expansion on foreign markets

40-year experience as Export Manager at your disposal

A lot of Italian SME want to sell abroad but not many of them are ready to employ the right strategies and resources to be approach the foreign markets in a successful way.


To be able to sell in a foreign country you need to:

Know the local culture

Know the country laws and regulations

Offer a structured work method

Be punctual on work deadlines

Know exactly what the customer needs

Strategie di espansione su nuovi mercati

To create a good strategy, you need to have a clear and tangible vision of your goals.

We can help you develop a personalised internationalisation strategy.

Company and selling goals
Export Strategy Plan
Team building for your export team
Data monitorning
Result check and feedback

First we overcome the company limits, than the national boundaries.

If you already have an internationalisation strategy but you want to broaden your presence on foreign markets we can offer:
Preliminary check up
Identification of a clear and measurable goal
Target market identification
Competitors analysis
Personalised contact database setting

Please contact us and let’s build your new export strategy together