Design of offices and workspaces

Architectural consultancy for businesses

Laura Furlan – Architect

Design and building renovation, restoration and conservation

Corporate welfare comes from the well-being of your staff

The reason why a company needs a building intervention is:

Better use of the available room

Optimization of the productivity chain

Increase of the working surface

Increase of staff safety at the workplace

Relaunch of the company perception

Invest in your workspace for your future: this is the long-sighted companies’ mission

Employees who are stressed-out and uncomfortable in their workplace will not give you a good performance.

One partner since 1976

Building or restoration
Preservation and renovation intervention
Color and cromatic combination design
Urban projects for recovery and building transformation
Maintainance and modernization for public administration

We give strength to your business project, brick by brick

What do you get when you invest in building projects?
More attention and concentration from your workforce
Spazi più funzionali
Supply chain optimisation
Better quality in the workplace
Better work performances
Better work performances
Less illness- and accident-related absences

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