Generational shift

Cohabitation and shift of roles in family-run companies

Angelo Cittadini – Business consultant

Family business and SME consultant – Accountant and auditor

The value of your story

During their life span, every SME faces two great challenges: the cohabitation of two or more generations and the generational shift.

Only the 30% of the companies survive the second generation and 50% of those close by their third generation.

With our help you can move in advance and make the right choices to avoid conflicts and financial losses.

The process consists of 5 stages:

Strategy and management knowledge analysis of the people involved

Identification of a common strategy

Process planning

Process execution with our support

Check, feedback and potential modification

It it not just a juridical matter

We operate in three areas:

Workforce, structure and company procedures

Management of property and juridical matters

Definition of a shared growth model

Generational cohabitation​

In some Italian companies you can find up to 5 different cohexisting generations.


How can we make them coexist while looking at the future?

We think the value of the company history is the foundation to create a management model which moves forward and adapt itself to the market evolution.

Time changes, values remain

Choose with us to:


Generational shift

Family SME think of themselves with pride and passion. Generational shift cannot lose these traits, but it needs to enhance it.

With this in mind, we create a fitting planning and succession process.

  1. Tracking of property and company needs.
  2. Face-to-face meeting with those involved in the generational shift.
  3. Identification of the company key figures.
  4. Definition of a future setting
  5. Strategy planning

Take this chance to adopt a modern and effective governance model to shape your company for the future.

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